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Studio Tonic-Ferienwohnung-Tessin

Designing a vacation apartment in Ascona

Creative solutions for optimal space flow

Discover how our talented interior designer, Lea Müller, transformed a 1-room vacation apartment in Ascona. Despite the challenging layout, she achieved optimal space organization by incorporating a new open kitchen and a specially built bed. Immerse yourself in the color and material concept featuring rust red, beige, sage green, black, and brown. Let Lea Müller's creativity inspire you to turn your own apartment into a cozy paradise.


Apartment design with Studio Tonic

Are you seeking inspiration for your apartment design? Look no further than the individual project work of our skilled interior designer, Lea Müller. As part of her final exam, she had the opportunity to redesign a 1-room vacation apartment in Ascona, creating an optimal space organization despite the challenging layout.


Creative space planning for the 1-room apartment

A key request from the client was to have a new open kitchen. Lea Müller embraced this challenge and developed a concept that places the kitchen at the center of the room. Through strategic placement of kitchen elements and intelligent arrangement of work areas, she achieved a functional and aesthetically appealing kitchen solution. The integration of the bed as a special construction was particularly exciting. Emphasis was placed on creating a space-saving and cozy solution. The result is an inviting sleeping area seamlessly integrated into the overall apartment concept.


Welcoming colors and materials

When it came to selecting the material and color concept, anything but boring was the goal. Lea Müller opted for a combination of rust red, beige, sage green, black, and brown (parquet). This color palette lends a warm and inviting atmosphere to the apartment while simultaneously achieving a modern and stylish look.


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Studio Tonic-Ferienwohnung-Tessin
Studio Tonic-Ferienwohnung-Tessin
Studio Tonic-Ferienwohnung-Tessin