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[Translate to English:] Studio Tonic-Fachplanung-Tabac Boutique Knaeple

Design, technical planning and construction management Tabac Boutique

Function meets tradition: Tabac Boutique Knaeple, Lucerne, Switzerland

Since the end of March 2021, the Tabac Boutique Knaeple has been shining in new splendor at its new location at Sempacherstrasse 1 in Lucerne. The boutique is already being run by the second generation. The building owner attached great importance to functionality and tradition. The packaging machine as well as the store cash register were elegantly recessed in the cash corpus. At the owner's request, existing furniture - produced in 1980 by Obrist interior AG - was also integrated. High ceilings and lots of light emphasize the spacious store.

The highlight of the new Tabac Boutique is the walk-in humidor for the "aficionado" or in English the "connoisseur". The high humidity ensures the perfect storage of the cigars and the cedar wood used for the shelves gives a pleasant taste.

Studio Tonic was responsible for the design, technical planning, and coordination with all craftsmen.